Friday, April 04, 2003

skippy can be reached at skippy the bush kangaroo. the old skipperooo has been giving me a hard time about not having a comments section as well as references to other blogs. expect to work everything out shortly.
Just one other matter today, having to do with my good friend (good friend only in terms of the venacular, as I have never truely met a kangaroo) skippy the bush kangaroo. I read his blog daily. He (I assume the roo is a he) views the world somewhat differently than this old dog but he is always generous in sharing his thoughts in a sociable manner. He can be reached By the way as I post more often, I will learn the tricks of the trades.
I am trying to post weekly to this blog and was going to speak about V.D. Hanson and Josh Marshall. But just heard that Michael Kelly, Washington Post columnist and Atlantic Monthly editor was killed, along with a U.S. soldier, in a Humvee accident today in Iraq. His family is in our prayers.

I've always enjoyed Kelly and his observations. He was serious in his understanding of commitment as well as the perils of not defending liberty. Unlike many conservative columnists, he addressed both with interesting twists and turns, always revealing sometimes making one uncomfortable. A voice always worth listening to. He will be missed.