Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Senator Daschle’s comments about diplomacy are reminiscent of the question, “Who Lost China”’? The fact of the matter is that diplomacy ended on 7 December 2002 when Saddam did not reply to UN Resolution 1441. The Security Counsel’s response was eerily silent and the parties moved to four different strategies in the disarmament exercise.

Silver Bullet
Holiday Inn Estates on Saint Helena
Force of Arms

1.Rope-a-Dope—France, Russia and China pursued a short-term strategy of containment of Iraq and frustration of all Anglo-American initiatives. Long-term strategy was to: declare victory, end the embargo and leave Saddam in charge.

2.Silver Bullet(s)—we don’t know who pursued this exercise, if anyone, but everyone was barracking for it.

3.Holiday Inn Estates on Saint Helena—Arab League and nonaligned members of the Security Counsel were vigorously pursuing it. This exercise also provided an added benefit of being a future home site for many of its supporters.

4.Force of Arms—an Anglo-American initiative to facilitate Saddam’s exit preferably, by # 2 or 3 or ultimately by armed conflict.

Mr. Daschle tyrants don’t respond to diplomacy. Sometime they respond to global opinion and embargoes but usually they respond to force (internally or externally applied). Saddam has 31 hours to avoid a war.